Repair Your Aircraft Skin Panel With Cold Spray

Skin panels are essential aircraft components. They keep the plane pressurized, they provide shape and contour to an airframe. Some cases, they are designed to help carry flight and ground loads. Some are affixed permanently (until the airframe comes in for inspection) and some are designed to be removed after every flight. Regardless of the function, these panels are in constant exposure to the environment. Over time, corrosion or wear can inflict damage to these essential components. Regardless of the reason, damaged panels need to be repaired or replaced.

Because these panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes they can carry a wide range of costs. On some airframes, these panels can cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to the expense, many of the larger and more complicated panels can be difficult to source. They can carry lead times that inhibit the availability of the airframe. This can lead to loss in revenue generation or an organizational reduction in capability. It is imperative *and* tactically advantageous to get these panels repaired and re-installed in a timely fashion.