The History of Cold Spray Technology

Cold Spray was a Soviet discovery. The cold spray process originated from research studies conducted in the Soviet Union in the 1980s.  The researchers responsible for the discovery were working at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Siberia.  Those who have followed… Continue reading The History of Cold Spray Technology

What Is Cold Spray Used For?

Have you heard of cold spray and wondered how it might apply to your industry? Are you searching for an easier or faster way to make metal surface repairs? Cold spray metal repair might just be the ticket.  Because of its ease and flexibility, cold spray metal repair is useful across a wide variety of… Continue reading What Is Cold Spray Used For?

VRC Cold Spray Systems

The VRC Cold Spray Systems is an integrated solution for cold spray development up to full scale part production. The system includes everything you need to get your cold spray program started, including: A fully integrated VRC cold spray system Integrated automation Sound Dampening Enclosure [<85 dBa] Wet Dust Collector with HEPA filtration Small to… Continue reading VRC Cold Spray Systems

Cold Spray Terminology For Beginners

Industries that use cold spray for metal repairs throw around a lot of terms. But what can you do when you’re just starting out in the field? Let’s take a closer look at cold spray terminology for beginners. According to the cold spray experts at VRC Metal Systems: “Cold spray, referred to as supersonic particle deposition,… Continue reading Cold Spray Terminology For Beginners

What Industries Use Cold Spray Technology For Repairs?

When it comes to metal repairs, cold spray technology is increasingly popular within many industries and has become common for repairs.

6 Advantages Of The Cold Spray Coating Process

Repairing or replacing equipment can be costly and time-consuming. The cold spray coating process can reduce or eliminate downtime and provide other benefits.