What Is Cold Spray Used For?

Have you heard of cold spray and wondered how it might apply to your industry? Are you searching for an easier or faster way to make metal surface repairs? Cold spray metal repair might just be the ticket.  Because of its ease and flexibility, cold spray metal repair is useful across a wide variety of… Continue reading What Is Cold Spray Used For?

What Is Cold Spray?

If you are familiar with the thermal spray industry, then you have heard of cold spray manufacturing. Cold spray is the lowest temperature thermal spray and has the highest velocity of all the spray processes. But what makes the use of cold spray manufacturing essential? If you are starting a new project or using cold… Continue reading What Is Cold Spray?

Cold Spray Terminology For Beginners

Industries that use cold spray for metal repairs throw around a lot of terms. But what can you do when you’re just starting out in the field? Let’s take a closer look at cold spray terminology for beginners. According to the cold spray experts at VRC Metal Systems: “Cold spray, referred to as supersonic particle deposition,… Continue reading Cold Spray Terminology For Beginners

What Industries Use Cold Spray Technology For Repairs?

When it comes to metal repairs, cold spray technology is increasingly popular within many industries and has become common for repairs.

6 Advantages Of The Cold Spray Coating Process

Repairing or replacing equipment can be costly and time-consuming. The cold spray coating process can reduce or eliminate downtime and provide other benefits.